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About me

 I drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day.

I like a balanced diet of equal parts Tequila and Tacos (Tacos are their own food group).

I first picked up a camera in high school because I had a bad memory for faces and places (still do).

I used to work an 8-5pm desk job. I pretend my life is more balanced now, but I am a self proclaimed workaholic.

I have a cat named Rufus and a doggo named Walter.

I have more Tattoos than my age (don't guess how old I am, that's not nice)

I have a healthy laugh. By healthy I mean very loud.

I have seen every Simpsons episode and used to host a Trivia night. Try me.

When I travel for personal adventures, I only bring my film cameras

I co own a wedding company with my bestie/sister  Amanda. We're called Wild Hearts Collective.

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